Vendu-Sold auction for Esse magazine: November 21

November 21
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Lot: 39
Rectangle courbé J + R + B
Folded and assembled coloured acrylic sheets,
97 x 97 x 20 cm
Estimate: $2,100

This work is part of a recent body of three-dimensional works in which Trudel continues her exploration of colour and transparency. The geometric composition of the piece harmonizes material and light to allow the colour to filter through. Within the sphere of the hoop, a luminous degradation mysteriously appears. Created using fluorescent Plexiglas—whose edges project light—the painting results from a rigorous artisanal process, discovered during the artist’s experiments on plastic. The support is successively cut, assembled, polished, and thermoformed. The result generates a visual complexity that reflects our era in which the screen is omnipresent.