rgb(127, 28, 174) [...] – Tondos

rgb(127, 28, 174) […] – Tondos (2010)

rgb(127, 28, 174) rgb(238, 238, 0) rgb(229, 229, 229) – Phase 2: Tondos

Acrylic paint on Baltic birch plywood

L’art passe à l’Est, “Liaisons insolites”, Montreal, from February 27 to March 18, 2010
Art Mûr, “Peintures fraîches et nouvelle construction”, Montreal, from July 15 to August 21, 2010

Using liquid acrylic paint, I prepared a chaotic mix of three colors (pink, gray, yellow) that I poured drop by drop in a spiral pattern following the edge of the painting. The drops coalesce to create a smooth surface where color varies randomly according to the proportion of colors being used or the way paint is mixed. The regular pattern is set in motion by color. The appearance of the paintings may remind weaving, some effects obtained with image processing software, as well as optical art.

Thanks to: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Photos: Catherine Tremblay.